Message from our Nurse

Health Reminders:


Grade 7 Health Requirements and Related Screenings:

Please complete the 7th grade health screenings survey to indicate if you want your child to have a physical, scoliosis, or dental screening at school OR if you prefer they see their independent providers. If your child has had these services in the last 12 months with their own pediatrician or dentist/orthodontist, please either have your child bring in a copy to the School Nurse, fax to 270-8706, or email to [email protected].


Grade 6 and 8 Health Requirements and Related Screenings:

Students in 6th and 8th grade will need a scoliosis screening from within the last 12 months. If they've had this screening with their annual physical, please send in a copy. Please complete the 6th and 8th grade scoliosis survey to indicate if you would like your child screened at school or with their regular practitioner.


Medications and Care Plans:

The colder air is fast approaching. If your child needs an inhaler at school, their pediatrician should complete the attached medication authorization form.


Did you send in your child's epi-pen?


Emergency Care Plans have been distributed. Please review, sign, and return. Call Maegan at 270-8549 with any questions.